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Useful tips to get a sharper and slimmer face

It is a common question people ask that how to get a sharper and slimmer face. In this article, we will cover useful tips on how to reduce fat on the face. It is not possible to reduce fat only on the face and not all over the body. If you lose weight then you reduce fat on your face and also lose fat all over the body. So to conclude if you want to get a sharper and slimmer face then you have to lose overall body fat.

Here are some useful tips to get a sharper and slimmer face –

Reduce excess intake of white substance from your diet that is salt and sugar.
Drink lot of water.
Lose overall body fat
Avoid alcohol

Here are some exercises you can try to get rid of chubby cheeks and get a slimmer face like fish face, jaw release, rotating your tongue, chin raise, cheekbone massage and tongue teaser.5 of them are as follow-

Do “simhasana” yoga ten times every day in the morning. You have to sit and Roar like a lion in this yoga asana. This yoga asana is helpful in strengthen facial muscles.
Neck lifts up – in this exercise you have to look upward and stretch your tongue out to hold for 5 seconds. This exercise is helpful in getting rid of double chin.
Fish face – In this exercise you have to make a face like fish and hold it for 5 seconds.
Facial massage – do facial massage regularly 3 to 4 times a week and this will help in blood circulation.
Laugh and smile always – finally laugh and smile is the most soulful exercise you can ever do.

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